SOW 420’s mission and sole purpose is supplying medical marijuana patients and recreational marijuana users with the knowledge and tools necessary to cultivate these amazing plants in a clean and healthy environment.

California passed Prop 64 in 2016 allowing for the recreational use of marijuana, including the right for each address to grow up to 6 plants. Medical marijuana patients have the right to grow in a space up to 100 sq. ft. Cultivating your own plants allows for better, safer quality controls when it comes to pesticides and other harmful chemicals used in your recreational or medical marijuana.


Grow Room Setup


Proper grow room design and set up is essential when a tight budget is on the line and details cant be overlooked. We have constructed grow rooms of all shapes and sizes from the basic Gorilla Grow Tents, to Sealed Environmentally Controlled Cultivation sites.


Grow Techniques


Whether you would like to get started in Soil, or move right into Hydroponic gardening, SOW 420 can guide you through the various grow techniques of SOG, SCROG, DWC, Flood & Drain, Bubble Buckets, Smart Pots, Capillary Feeding, Super Cropping and More!


Proper Genetics


If you decide to move forward into cannabis cultivation, the genetics you decide to work with are incredibly important. We will discuss your needs and the strains that will work best for you. With many options to choose from in both the Sativa and Indica genomes, its best to know the profiles you will be working with and the characteristics you can expect.



Environment is everything when it comes to your indoor cultivation room, and certain factors need to be understood in order to maintain the proper Day and Night Temps, Humidity and Carbon Dioxide levels just to name a few.

Knowing what equipment is best for your size room and plant needs can make the difference in cost efficiency and success. With thousands of products to choose from, knowing what works and what you require to be successful is paramount and should be a number one concern.

Some of the factors for cultivation are Air Conditioning | Heat | Humidity | CO2 | Ventillation | Air Movement | Water Temperature and More!

The Autopot System is a gravity fed watering system which requires no power, pumps or timers to operate. It is extremely versatile and caters for gardeners and growers of all abilities guaranteeing great results.


The system can easily be extended so many pots can be linked to a single reservoir. Once set up and the reservoir is filled with water & liquid feed, this adaptable, unfailing system will completely take care of all your plants needs with minimal monitoring.

Featured Product

We use Oakton PH and PPM Meters. They are easy to use, accurate, don’t drift, hold calibration and reliable. If you intend to grow big, healthy plants, then having all of the information is key to winning results and quality product when its time to harvest. Oakton meters should be a staple in your tool chest.

Oakton pH Meters

Ready to Start Growing Your Own Cannabis?



Having some help along the way is always a good thing and SOW 420’s support team is here to be that help when you need it the most. As a client, you will have full access to Grow Support via email or phone so that we can conquer any obstacle that has presented itself and ensure your successful medical or recreational harvest.

• Indoor Cultivation • Hydroponics • Coco • Flood and Drain • Deep Water Cultivation • Tissue Culture Propagation • Nutrients • Water Quality • Pest Control
• Soil Gardening • Sea of Green • Screen of Green • Supercropping • Topping • Plant Health • Plant Disease • Cloning • Seed Germination



Start your garden out with the healthiest clones and plants on the market. A Soothing Seed Cannabis Nursery is a Nonprofit Mutual Benefit Corporation that has served San Diego County for years with an impeccable reputation for quality genetics and honest business practice. A Soothing Seed offers a wide variety of cannabis clones and feminized breeder seeds for both the expert farmer and the novice grower.


A Soothing Seed

Medical & Recreational Marijuana Cultivation Consultation Services
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